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  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Version: 4.6.0
User Rating: Rating 4.56

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Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment
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PS4 Remote Play for Windows PC

Samuel Jackson

The PS Remote Play application is application that allows you to remotely play games on your PlayStation Vita. This app is compatible not only with Vita but also with PlayStation TV and select Windows PCs. This app has been met with mixed reviews, with some saying there are stability issues. This is a system application that grants you ability to use your portable devices to remotely manipulate your home system. It is a program that lets you play your games from a Vita. You can use your Vita to control console, and it does a good job.

Vita is a little small for a TV screen, so you might want to use a larger tablet or computer, but it's still a good way to use playstation 4 Remote Play download for playing games. PS RP also features a unique keyboard system, allowing inputs to be switched to button inputs. It is designed to stream video from the PS4 to other devices, such as Vita. It, however, does not support other consoles. It is available on Android, iOS, and Sony devices. You can always download PS4 Remote Play from official site.


This app for Android is a little bit tiresome to navigate through. There are many options that are not necessary and distract from the actual goal of Remote Play PS4 download PC, which is playing games. Fortunately, app is intuitive and has a simple design. Navigation is done through a series of tabs. The tabs are:

  1. Home: This tab displays a list of your recent activities.
  2. Friends: This tab shows a list of your friends.
  3. Messages: This tab shows your texts and conversations you had lately.
  4. PS Store: This tab displays a list of the games you have recently played.
  5. Trophy: This tab shows your PSN trophies.
  6. Settings: This tab displays your PSN settings.
  7. Friend Requests: This tab shows a list of friends who have recently sent you a friend request.
  8. Trophy Requests: This tab displays friends who have sent you a trophy request.

The interface of app is simple and easy to figure out. The home screen shows different ways the app can be used. This includes using app to enter a game. In order to use app to play a game, you need to open the app and then your PlayStation system. Once PS system is up and running you will be able to use it in a smaller size in a little window in the app.

When application PS4 Remote Play Windows is launched, user is presented with a list of games. The list is ordered by recent games, and games that have been played the most. User can also find games by scrolling through the alphabetized list. With the tap of a button, user is able to scan through the list of games and see what games are available.

When user selects a game, they are then taken to the game’s main menu. The user can then select the game mode they would like to play, such as campaign mode, online multiplayer, or the game’s tutorial. User is also able to look at the game’s trophy list, or adjust game options, such as game difficulty.

The game’s main menu is designed with the look of the PS4’s main menu. The user is also able to check their friends list, and see their in-game stats.


It is a system application that allows you to use your device, like a smartphone or tablet, to use your home PS4 system in distance. The software is pretty easy to use. It's not as good as the interface, but it's not too hard to figure out. The touch controls are easy to use, but it can be tough to find the right button on screen. The software product is user-friendly. What’s the best, the PS4 Remote Play download console's home screen is replicated , which makes it easy to navigate through the menus. App also features a virtual touchpad for games that require touch input. PS4 Remote Play PC is a very user-friendly application. To begin using the app, users simply need to connect their console to the internet and then launch application on the desired device. The application supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.


It is a PlayStation 4 system application that enables you to use your portable device, like as a smartphone or tablet, to access and control your home PlayStation 4 system in distance. Application is surprisingly powerful for an app. You can use surround sound, and connect to your console using your account. There are a lot of options, and they seem to work well. It can be used to play PS4 Remote Play app games on console's TV, or on the Android device's screen.

This useful app called Remote Play PS4 PC also features a unique button mapping system, allowing touch interactions to be transformed into button inputs. If you wonder, PS4 Remote Play laptop option is also available and is easy to use. All the user has to do is download application on their mobile device, and their PlayStation 4 will need to be logged in with the same account. Once application has been downloaded, user can log in with their account, and they will be able to play game remotely.



Soft is a system app that allows you to use your portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to remotely utilize your home PS4 system. The pp doesn't seem to have any support. There's no help menu, and the only way to contact the developer seems to be by emailing them. PS4 Remote Play APK is supported by Sony. PlayStation Remote Play download app is developed by Sony, which is an added bonus. This app by the name of PS Remote Play PC also features a keyboard system that allows touching screen to be transformed to button inputs. PS4 Remote Play free is free to download and doesn't require any additional software to run. The application is compatible with other Sony devices, including Sony Xperia, Sony Tablet, Sony Smartphones, and Sony Android TV.


  • What is the minimum requirement for the PC?
    The minimum requirement for the PC is the Windows 7 OS.

  • Can I use a Mac?
    Yes, you can use a Mac as long as it's on the Windows 7 OS.

  • What is the recommended internet speed?
    The recommended internet speed is 5-7 mbps.

  • How many controllers can I connect to a PC?
    You can connect up to 4 controllers to a PC.

  • What is the connection speed?
    The connection speed is 2.5 mbps.


Overall, PS4 Remote Play app is easy to use, making it a great choice for gamers of all skill levels. Menus of this application are very easy to navigate. Games can be played on console's connected TV or on the device's screen. Application also features a button mapping system that allows touch inputs to be translated to button inputs. PS Remote Play application is supported by Sony, which is a good thing


  • Works on both Windows & Mac;
  • Works with mobiles and tablets;
  • Allows you to use your games remotely;
  • Good performance.


  • Not too many features;
  • Doesn’t work with PS5.

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